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TEID “Sanction Programs and Compliance Awareness in Companies” Webinar
23 December 2022 Friday 11.00 – 12.30

Economic sanctions programs, which play a decisive role in the global supply chain, have resulted recently in the implementation of an unprecedented series of harsh sanction measures by many countries, In this environment, awareness of potential risks related to persons, organizations or sectors restricted by sanctions and the importance of compliance function for effective governance of these risks increase day by day.

In the presentation organized by TEID, the changing commercial risk environment, practical factors that individuals and organizations should consider when evaluating possible reputation, legal and sanction risks were discussed.


Atty. Esen İrtem Karagöz, Tüpraş, Senior Legal Counsel of Contract Consulting and Compliance
Özge Aşcıoğlu, OYAK Çimento, Compliance Director
Atty. Şafak Herdem, Herdem Law Office, Managing Partner


Oytun Önder, TEID Member of Board of Auditors, Head of Forensic Services at KPMG Turkey

TEID “Sanction Programs and Compliance Awareness in Companies” Webinar

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