TICE – Turkish Integrity Center of Excellence

“PERYÖN Business Ethics Principles”, which prepared and implemented in cooperation with the Ethics and Reputation Society (TEİD), TEID corporate member KPMG and the Turkish People Management Association (PERYÖN), have been completed.

At the 10th TEİD International Ethics Summit, a plaquet was presented to PERYÖN Ethics Committee Chairperson Ali Kamil Uzun and Ethics Committee Members Cem Çakmak and Eda Akad İnmez.

PERYÖN (Turkish Human Management Association), is one of the leading social organizations established in the field of people management in Turkey.  PERYÖN has been operating in our country for more than 50 years, integrated with the world and the sector, to create a better working life for now and the future.

Equality of opportunity, gender equality, sustainability, digitalization, changing working life, anthropocentrism are the main focus areas of PERYÖN. In this respect, TEID, KPMG and PERYÖN have been created Business Ethics Principles.

“PERYÖN Business Ethics Principles” was prepared.