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It is a series of guides that will guide companies in their daily lives in the field of ethics and compliance.

The “Ethics and Compliance Management Guide according to National and International Occupational Standards” prepared by the Ethics and Reputation Society has been published.

Taking the professional profile of the Vocational Qualifications Authority as a reference in the definition of the profession, the guide also includes the definition and characteristics of the Ethics and Compliance Management profession in the US and EU systems.

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Handbook for Business Partners /Third Parties

One of the most important goals of our association is to transfer the efforts to manage ethical and compliance risks, starting from large companies, to medium and smaller companies. It is one of our goals to save an entire company ecosystem from corruption and abuse and to make corporate management systems permanent.

With the “Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Guide Business Partners / Handbook for Third Parties” prepared by the valuable members of the 3rd Party Ethics and Compliance Risks Working Group , It is aimed to provide a framework from the perspective of third party companies doing business with global companies, what needs to be done to design and implement an effective anti-corruption compliance program.


The Third Party Bribery and Corruption Risk Management Guide, prepared with a holistic approach by the Effective Management of Third Party Risks Working Group, which includes experts in the fields of law, ethics and compliance, forensic accounting, fraud auditing and internal control, is on sale.

The sales price of the guide is 175 TL including VAT.

Our specially designed series of guides, compiled by the experienced staff of TEID with the aim of being a reference book in the daily lives of Ethics and Compliance Managers, is on sale.


  • Code of Conduct
  • Ethics Culture and Leadership
  • Ethics Committee Guide
  • Combatting Corruption in SMEs
  • Whistleblowing Hotline Management
  • Social Media Policies
  • Case Studies – 1
  • Collective Actions

The sales price of each set of our guides, which are sold as two sets, is 1,500 TL + VAT. The price of two sets is 3000 TL. + VAT. 20% discount is provided to our corporate members.


  • Ethics Reporting Guide
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Gift and Hospitality Policies
  • Competition Law
  • Cyber Ethics and Compliance Guide
  • Case Studies – 2
  • Collective Action
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
    of Compliance Programs

TEİD Internal Investigations INguide Released!


After several events, workshops, conferences, roundtables, TEİD Internal Investigations working group has finally released its guide on “Internal Investigations”.


Supporting the corporate volunteering efforts of its members, the Ethics and Reputation Society has prepared the “Donation Guide” to support the management of ethical and compliance risks regarding corporate donations.