TICE – Turkish Integrity Center of Excellence


The aim of the “Turkish Integrity Center of Excellence” (TICE) project, which is the first “Center of Excellence” in the world, is to raise awareness about business ethics and to ensure the proliferation adoption of the profession of “Ethics and Compliance Manager’ by companies in the private sector. TICE was established by TEİD in order to create sustainable local capacity. The project is supported by the ”Siemens Integrity Initiative”.

Enterprises rarely have the appropriate expertise to implement internationally developed principles and standards on anti-corruption and good governance. Due to inconsistent data on the socio-economic impact of corruption in the leading sectors of the local economy, evaluation of improvements can hardly be done at all.

Many companies have quite a variety of ethical standards, but what they do not have is a compliance program that transforms these standards into the basis of their written corporate culture. As a result, business ethics remains a social skill for companies, rather than a value and an asset that needs to be measured, reported, and effectively managed. Our vision is to create a cultural change in the Turkish Private Sector and to train compliance officers who effectively manage integrity risks for their companies.