TEID and SEDEFED “Ethical Declaration on Business Ethics Principles”

On June 21, 2022, during the opening remarks of TEİD 9th International Ethics Summit, TEİD Chairperson of the Board, Aslı Ertekin presented a congratulations plaque to SEDEFED Chairperson of the Board, Emine Erdem appreciating this valuable and leading initiative.
“Ethical Declaration on Business Ethics Principles” of Federation of Sectoral Associations (SEDEFED) which represents 45 different sector associations, was signed by the representatives of SEDEFED member associations at the SEDEFED Extended Board Meeting held on May 18, 2022. Ethics and Reputation Society (TEİD) under the Turkish Integrity Center of Excellence – TICE, is proud to contribute this initiative together with the support of TEID corporate member KPMG Türkiye team on behalf of TEİD.
Ethical Declaration on Business Ethics Principles