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TEID Academy Next Gen 1st Edition Graduation Ceremony

Ethics and Reputation Society carries out studies to explain the importance of ethics, compliance and reputation issues to younger generations and to raise their awareness, besides its projects for companies and their employees in different sectors operating in Turkey,


Aiming to raise ethical awareness among young people with the “Ethical Leaders of the Future” project, TEID has now passed on to the capacity building phase by raising “Future Ethics and Compliance Managers” with TEID Academy Next Gen.

TEID Academy Next Gen, which aims to teach the needs and requirements of the profession of “Ethics and Compliance Management” to university 3rd or 4th year students and new graduates, started on 16 December 2022 with the cooperation of Istanbul University Entrepreneurship Club (İGK). As the classes end on February 13, 2023, the participants will receive their certificates of achievement from TEID Vice Chairperson of the Board and TEID Academy trainer Atty. Rana Günay Hoffman.

With this 12-hour training program, the participants take their first steps towards to become “Ethics and Compliance Managers” with  TEID Academy trainers Aslı Ertekin, Atty. Seçkin Savaşer, Atty. Altug Özgün and Atty. Tuğba Doğru  Barutçuoğlu.

Total of 12 hours of training was given with 4 hours of offline video lessons, as well as 8 hours of online lessons with the program, Program details can be accessed from this page. The list of graduates can be viewed on this page.

24 young graduates  received their certificates of achievement at the “TEID Academy & TEID Academy Next Gen Trainers & Alumni Meeting” held on March 16, 2023 and took their place among TEID Academy Next Gen 1st Edition Graduates.

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TEID Academy Next Gen 1st Edition Graduation Ceremony